Natural hair loss is something which is sure to give you goose bumps even if you only over think about it. It may be very disgusting to state, but the truth is, hair is best in its own place; the moment it is out of place, it is the most unwanted thing, though you regret it if it is out of your head. How confusing. Men and women have different tendencies about hair loss. Thinning of hair or complete baldness is nothing anybody wants. Millions of dollars are burned up consuming hair products annually. You may want to consider a solid product like Salmetto to help with natural hair loss . But first, let’s discuss what hair loss is anyway.

If due to any internal or external elements around, you experience falling of hair in an unprecedented way you are more likely to be a victim of hair loss. Hair loss is also known as alopecia and hypotrichosis (which is predominantly hair loss accompanying abnormal hair pattern).

Modern life style and constantly degrading environment are the two leading cause of natural hair loss. Dust and other pollutants gather on your scalp and deprive the skin of nutrients meant for your hair. Aging is one of the factors too but it is not always the main cause. Certain types of dietary deficiencies accelerate natural hair loss. You may also experience hair loss due to tough schedule and busy life with a lot of stressful daily routine. Men may experience pattern baldness due to different hormones in their body which surprisingly are the cause of their masculinity too.

You are most likely to shed your hair due to any short span illness or any physical trauma. But this is often brief. You can regain your hair after you have recovered. Such illnesses or shocks disturb the natural hair cycle which is more likely to fade away when the condition subsides. Women may experience hair loss during or after pregnancy which is also likely to fade away with time. After all, pregnancy itself is really a stressful event in a woman’s life. Same goes for the emotional stress too. You may experience hair loss due to some emotional stress in case of a divorce or death of a loved one. People should take steps to abate emotional stress to avoid hair loss.

Unhealthy eating habits lead to a lot of different diseases besides just hair loss. Consuming too much vitamin A may also elicit hair loss which can be simply avoided by consuming less or no vitamin A for some time. On the contrary, if your diet lacks proteins, you will experience hair loss at a faster rate. Protein rich diet which typically includes fish, eggs and meats should be consumed to avoid hair loss. Remember that proteins are building blocks of your body. If there is not sufficient supply of protein, you body will automatically stop producing hair to balance out the less protein intake.

People with anemic conditions are more likely to shed hair at a faster rate. Consume iron rich diet. Certain fruits like apple help fight iron deficiency. Some hormonal deficiencies caused by a lazy thyroid gland are also the cause of hair loss. This condition is known as hypothyroidism. These hormones are not only vital for the metabolic activities, but also important to keep a check on your scalp growth.

You may also be a victim of your own body defense mechanism i.e. autoimmunity. In this condition, your body targets your hair considering it as a foreign agent. In lay man’s term, your body gets overprotective for you.

There are a number of other natural causes to hair loss. These causes include; aging, stressful over styling of hair, any sort of male or female hormonal abnormality, deficiency of vital minerals in the body due to various reasons, heredity causes, or any sort of skin related conditions which may also target your scalp. Such causes are mostly treated by different medications.

Remember, natural hair loss is natural and unpredictable. Hair is one of the most iconic parts of your body. In most cases it is your identity too. Try to protect it the way it should be protected. Keep an eye on any factors which may lead to hair loss. Consult your doctor or dermatologist in case you observe abnormally fast hair loss. Natural hair loss can be treated, if not completely, to a great extent, just put in some time and patience. Salmetto is a great natural supplement that will help treat natural hair loss.

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